Good. Homeopathic.


Our principal homeopath, Beth Goodwin, PDHom, was trained at the School of Homeopathy in England.  She works with people in a therapeutic process.  The goal is to bring the client to a state of excellent health.  The homeopath, by providing the right remedy for the time, place, circumstance and person, facilitates a return to balance.  A classically trained homeopath is interested in all aspects of a client's life and health, not just individual symptoms.  Health is a function of mind, body and feeling working in harmony.  

What can I expect?

Often referred to as “taking the case,” your first homeopathy session is a process of understanding, from the specific issues that prompted you to seek help to more general aspects of your life such as: family, career, health and long-term aspirations.  A homeopathic remedy will be offered.  After taking the remedy a follow up appointment will be conducted to assess the effectiveness of the remedy.  How often a person needs to be seen depends on the nature of the concern.  As a person's health improves, the need for a remedy diminishes.  Homeopathy supports the innate health and vitality of each individual.